Hungry Shark World, Phil a Great White Shark Pet Review

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Hungry shark world has updated, they have given Phil pets in this update. Phil is a great white shark pet who can eat more prey than other animals. The 6x bonus is what Phil offers, but you will need an XXL shark to unlock with a price of 800 gems to get Phil. He can eat shark-M and wandering blue jellyfish. He has a green-blue color, and has scars on the head and sides of his stomach too, and has a bandage on his head, and has yellow eyes. In his conception, he cries, but beware Phil is a violent animal.

When you play hungry shark world, it will be very scary if you use liopleurodon which is paired with pets in the form of Phil. As we know liopleurodon is a wild animal that can destroy everything, he can destroy rocks, corals, crabs, and ships. And Phil is a pet with very frightening abilities. It all feels easy if you use both in one survival.


Phil is a wild shark, very reasonable if it’s expensive. You will get convenience when you want to swallow everything in front of this shark. To get Phil, he has a price of 800 gems, besides that you need XXL sharks to unlock.


There are several characteristics of Phil, the following explanation:

  • Phil can devour everything.
  • Phil offers a 6x bonus when you eat fish at one time.
  • He can use sharks and blue jellyfish.
  • Phil has a green-blue appearance and a scalp on his head and has a mark on his stomach and on his head is plaster and bright yellow eyes.
  • Basically, this is a horrible white skin that is sought after in Port Phillip Bay.
  • This is the most terrifying, tireless pet when you want to eat everything.

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