Hungry Shark World Sand Shark: The First Medium Shark in Hungry Shark World

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What is the other shark category in Hungry Shark World? After Spike shark, you will continue your trip with the help of Hungry Shark World Sand Shark. It is the successor of spike shark. To know it well, there are some things about this shark to know.

The Description of Hungry Shark World Sand Shark

What do you know about Sand Shark? Sand Shark is a Medium shark category. It becomes the first shark and the cheapest one to open in Hungry Shark World in the M category. The medium shark needs to be opened after you play more. Sand shark is a kind of shark with the evil bite description in a game. It indicates that the sand shark has some status of the highest bites about 184. Even, it has the same bites of some L class sharks such as Mako Shark and Goblin Shark. It means that it is categorized to be a cruel shark though it belongs to the first medium shark category. The ability of this shark is the same as the L shark category.

The Appearance of Hungry Shark World Sand Shark

There are some characteristics of Hungry Shark world sand shark to reveal. This shark looks scary and calm. This shark has a crooked muzzle and has a relatively big tail for its size. Of course, it gives a scary look and a snaggletoothed appearance. This sand shark has blue spots on its back. It makes it look haunted and scary.  The maximal size of this shark is about 13 to 14 feet. The maximal health of this shark is about 127. You can trust the ability of Sand Shark to collect more coins in its hunting.

Trivia of Hungry Shark World Sand Shark

There are some trivia about this sand shark. This shark belongs to the slow shark category in which it doesn’t move quickly like the other sharks. Though it is slow, it has the strongest bite for the medium shark category. It means that you can catch more preys while playing it.

Pros and Contras about Hungry Shark World Sand Shark

There are some pros and contras occurring of Sand shark. The pros of this shark are stronger than S and XS sharks. It is able to eat faster. It becomes the strongest bite shark in M shark category. It also becomes the cheapest one in the M class. The contras about Hungry Shark World Sand Shark is low health, slow, small pressure, unable to escape from the big enemies, and easy to eat.