Hungry Shark World Save Data Transfer and Technical Queries

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the technical things about this game and one of them is Hungry Shark World save data transfer. We will also talk about the questions mostly asked on the FAQ page. We hope that it could help you to solve all your struggles with the technical stuff of this game.

What if my progress is lost and I don’t know why?

Well, this thing is not a rare case but it is not also commonly happened. Buy you may try several steps to make things go back to normal. The steps are such as:

  1. Turn off your wi-fi setting;

  2. Turn off your device;

  3. Turn on your device;

  4. Click our Hungry Shark World;

  5. Make sure you have turned on your wi-fi setting and see if you can load your saved data.

If those things did not work then you may need to contact the support team of this game you may find in the game option.

Why is my device not compatible?

So, here is the case. There are thousands or even millions of devices in this world, literally. The team will do their best to make their apps can be played in as many devices as possible. However, since each device has a different operating system, the team finds it impossible to make the game becomes playable in all types of gadget. But it does not mean that the team stops their works to make this game can reach all users in this world.

Why the super shoals cannot be found in my game?

If this is your case then we need to explain some things to you. Several contents like the Super Shoals and other general enhancements on the visual aspect have not been applied to devices that considered as the low- and medium-end types. This is caused by the memory limitations for an instance. Other than that, certain gadgets are not that powerful to support those extra features. The team will work very hard to make the game available and playable in all devices for sure.

Can I transfer data between different devices?

If both devices have the same Operating System, the Cloud Saving Option can be used to transfer your data. The OS available includes Android-Google Play, Apple-iOS, and Amazon-Android. However, if your devices have different Operating System, it seems like you cannot do the Hungry Shark World save data transfer successfully.