Hungry Shark World Spike (Stethacanthus): Some Things about It

Hungry Shark World is an adventurous game console improving your heartbeat. You can eat human as the prey and the shark has its different strength and characters. To play this game, you have to apply a particular strategy. With the choices of more than 17 sharks in seven types, you can become it to be a fantastic game sequel. Hungry shark world spike (Stethacanthus) is a kind of shark type in this game. You can reveal some things about it.

The Description of Hungry Shark World Spike (Stethacanthus)

Shark Spike is a special shark in Hungry Shark World. This is a kind of Stethacanthus with the spikes on the body of this shark. Spike (Stethacanthus) is a kind of Tier S shark class in Hungry Shark World. This spike is the first shark type of 5 “special sharks” together with Heidi (Wobbegong), Buzz (Helicoprion), Echo (Ichthyosaur), and Drago (Pliosaur). It belongs to a unique shark type in this game console. It makes you interested in playing this shark in this game.

As its name of “Spike”, this shark has spikes containing toxic. It is a small edible stun and fights for the attackers when you use this shark to collect points in this game. You can use a toxic content of this shark to kill your enemies and sea animals in this sea and ocean. This spike shark has a purple color with the lines of Tiger Shark. This shark can be opened for helping you to collect points after you have gathered 80 diamonds. To gain 80 diamonds, you should collect at least 8.000 points. It means that you have to equalize all categories of S class shark to get up the maximum level.

You can control this shark in a deep blue sea to eat fishes, humans, and the other creatures in the surrounding. It is similar to a mechanism of Feeding Frenzy. The purpose of using this shark is to eat many more preys in order to get points and open the next shark category after this spike shark. You can trust the strength and ability of this spike shark for collecting more points.

Things of Hungry Shark World Spike Shark

There are some characteristics about spike shark. This shark appears in Hungry Shark World game console. It belongs to S class size group of the shark. The criteria of this shark are 100% growth of all S class sharks. To open this shark, you have to pay it with 80 gems and 8.000 coins. This shark is preceded by a blue shark and succeeded by a sand shark. Those are some things about Hungry shark world spike (Stethacanthus).