Hungry Shark World Tiger Shark

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The hungry shark world tiger shark is one creature in the game hungry shark world you would see. In the game, this creature is characterized as the most frightening predator.

The Characteristics

Let’s have a look to its characteristics:

–       Its favorite foods are: enemy XL sharks and blue jelly fish

–       Its ability is to break stone

–       It costs 75,000

–       It’s categorized as an XL creature

–       It appears after the Great Hammerhead

–       Well-known in succeeding by the basking shark

The tiger sharks are famous characters appear in Hungry Shark World. They are really great sharks with best statistics and abilities. However, they also have weakness. They have the lowest or worst health.

This kind of creature likes patterning their heads and backs and also has a special bitten mark on its fin.

Pros and Cons

During the game, it is gradually made tier than previous updates to make the game more challenging. The tiger shark actually is similar to other shark types.

For example, you have already had an XL shark type, it might not be needed to have the Tiger Shark. Most players will reconsider to use it because even though it may be the most fearsome creature, it does not meet any good health qualification that a player should pick it.


To get more details you can use to evaluate, here are three most important numbers:

–       Max bite is 354

–       Size is 18 feet

–       Max health is 217

Hungry shark world tiger shark is also characterized to have colossal classic jaw ability power which makes it capable in surviving in most of the time getting attacked by other enemies.

And furthermore, you will not only see this creature in the Hungry Shark World serial, but also in the Evolution and Night series.

Its giant appearance is something that players hate but also curious to wait in every game scene. It can reach 7 meters maximum size along with the 275 meters diving depth maximum ability.


For special notes, the Tiger Sharks have tons of natural prey list that probably you have not known before. And they are:

–       Exotic birds

–       Tuna

–       Stingrays

–       Barracuda

–       Small cages

–       Sardines

–       Inflated and deflated pufferfish

–       Pelican

–       Electro enemy sharks

–       Kempy bass

–       Gulper

–       Lion fish

–       Hammerhead shark

–       Tropical fish

–       Humans

–       Crabs