Hungry Shark World, Trevor a Snapping Turtle Pet That Detonates Mines

When you play Hungry Shark World it will be very fun if you take care of Trevor. This is a snapping pet turtle that detonates mines. When Trevor has a very aggressive approach, sometimes he misses mines and you will not be able to believe 100% darkness that he will take care of all the mines on the road of your shark. In the hungry shark world, this is one of the most useful pets. Surveys show that Trevor is most often open to being a pet and shark friend when attacking enemies or devouring prey.

Trevor gives your shark a sense of security when he meets the green, he will blow up the mine, he won’t get hurt just because of the attack or the explosion.


When playing a hungry shark world, if you want to buy Trevor, you have to pay 40,000 coins. Many say that this price makes it easier for all players to defeat enemies like crabs.


Game fans who are indeed located on the sea must know Trevor. In the hungry shark world. Trevor a snapping turtle that detonates mines. You will see the beautiful shape and bright colors of this very powerful turtle. But behind the funny form, there is an extraordinary ability that you must and deserve to enjoy, see some of the following Trevor abilities:

  • Can blow green without getting hurt, this is an ability that other pets don’t have. Even if there are sharks that meet with mines, they will die, including your sharks.
  • When you take care of this and attack the enemy with it, every value you get will be at times 2. Very special, right?
  • Awake when attacked by crabs, even though it’s big.
  • It will be difficult to die like other pets.
  • really helps the sharks you use in hungry shark evolution.