Hungry Shark World Walkthrough | Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Hungry Shark World Walkthrough will give some new insights to the users and players. Reading the walkthrough from us will help you to reach the goal much faster and complete all your missions much easier. So, in this article, we are going to show you the tips and tricks that more likely will help you to finish this game much easier especially when you need to find the “HUNGRY” letters.

If you are a new user or this is your first time to play Hungry Shark, these tips will help you. Other than that, before you read the other tips and tricks, you must finish reading these tips in the first place. But if you are an average or pro player then these tips are not too relevant for you.


Boosters are important because when you have equipped the boosters in your sharks then you will bring the game to the next level and get the power-ups. For example, the Laser will allow you to get double points and Jelly Eater will allow you to eat all jellies in the ocean.


Bonuses are the other Power-Ups type that will give you extra numbers of something. However, you can only earn the bonuses from the Daily Chests.

Gold Rush and Mega Rush

Gold Rush and Mega Rush are two things that will give you interesting things in the game. Gold Rush will turn all types of edible items into gold and you will allow you to earn coins much easier. Meanwhile, the Mega Gold Rush will turn all things into gold and you can just eat all of them later. Both rushes are offering unlimited boost and temporary invincibility.

New Sharks

New Sharks will be available after you unlock them. In order to unlock them, you need to level up the old sharks in your account.


Pets will help you to gain higher scores. Some pets have several special abilities that would help you to level up much faster. The best pets for beginners are such as Snuffy (3,000 coins), Dave (2,000 coins), and Chris (free).

We really hope that these tips and tricks for beginner players of Hungry Shark games could help you. When you want to unlock the next shark, it is important to use the best shark in your account. Once you have the target then you need to focus. And this is the end of Hungry Shark World Walkthrough.