Items of The Baseball Cap in Hungry Shark Evolution

Are you a fan of hungry shark evolution? If you are a big fan and are a reliable player, you can be sure to have shaky, agile and strong sharks. It would be very good if the shark you use uses accessories that the developer has provided. Well, some accessories that are very often used by players are baseball caps.

Indeed, there are so many accessories that you can use on sharks, but from surveys conducted baseball caps are the best sellers in their purchases. Besides the cheap price, these accessories are also available with many variants and colors. Your shark will look more attractive than usual when wearing baseball cap accessories on its head.


In a Hungry Shark Evolution shop, Baseball Caps are the cheapest of all. You only need to pay 250 coins to get these accessories. This can be directly used on the head of your shark.


Baseball caps on sharks have many benefits, he can give 5% bonus points when a creature is eaten. However, if certain creatures produce a number of points that cannot add a bonus of up to 5%, then you will only receive a bonus of 1 point. We can see, sardines produce 5 points when eaten. When your shark wears a Baseball Cap and eats sardines, it must produce 5.25 points, but because the game doesn’t use decimals or round numbers like the others, it will produce 6 points.

Baseball caps are the cheapest accessories in hungry shark evolution. But you have to use this so you can get as many coins as possible. As written before you will get 5% of each fish in the game. So there is no reason not to buy and wear a baseball cap on your shark.