Mosasaur Eat The Large Whale, Hungry Shark World

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The Mosasaurus is the eighth creature you can play in Hungry Shark Evolution. As the name suggests, it resembles Mosasaurus which has a large size. It is indeed not bigger than the creature that can be played before, but it is significantly stronger and fiercer. Besides that, The Mosasaurus has a large enough size but the speed can also compensate.

In the hungry shark world, mosasaurus is the fourth last shark after the Destroyer of Worlds is the last, Moby Dick is the second, Leo is the last one. All modes and features can only be opened & purchased if Big Daddy or Dunkleosteus has been obtained and grows to full size.

All players can use The Mosasaurus to win every game in the hungry shark world game, but certainly, there will be costs to be incurred. If you want to be faster than you can purchase all the requirements to the developer with the price set. However, if you don’t want to spend money, you can play and win games.


The Mosasaurus can be bought by paying 250,000 coins if it has grown Big Daddy to full and large size. In addition, it can also be opened with 900 gems, but the condition of the coins must be spent afterward to improve The Mosasaurus. It will be useful to increase the bite, speed, or increase for the first time which will cost 25,000 coins, for the second time 30,000 coins, and the third time 35,000 coins and 40,000 coins and for the last upgrade of 50,000 coins.

With extraordinary abilities compared to other hungry sharks, The Mosasaurus can prey on the large whale in one bite. Eating everything in front of it, no matter the stingrays, crabs or even whales. If you want to quickly reach victory, then you have to choose this as a friend when playing hungry shark world. With this, the victory is in sight.

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