Reasons why you should Play Hungry Shark Evolution for Android

Hungry Shark Evolution Android version is a good option if you are looking for a decent mobile game. Well, it is true that most hardcore gamer view the mobile games market as a bland option since most of the games are no more than cash-grabbers. Well, indeed, this game also has some in-app purchases, but there are several reasons why it is actually a good idea to play Hungry Shark Evolution for Android.

  1. It is relatively light to play

The first reason why you should play this since the game is actually not too heavy in terms of size and graphics. Well, it is safe to say that the game provides a fairly light size when you put the graphics and the content of the game into consideration. You will only need to download an initial file which is sized of 396.7 megabytes- a fairly moderate size for an initial download. After several updates, the game never exceeds 1 GB of size- which is a pretty reasonable amount of size.

  1. It provides decent graphics

The next reason why you should play Hungry Shark Evolution Android is the fact that the graphics it offers are wonderful to watch. Well, although it would not be the best game in terms of graphics due to its relatively light size, it is still pretty wonderful to enjoy. The details are pretty good, considering the fact that the game never exceeds 1 GB and still has a lot of contents inside.

  1. The game play is simple yet fun

The game only has one objective: eat. And that’s true; you are required to keep eating before your shark dies of starvation. You just need to maneuver your shark underwater to find any creatures to eat- either it is a small anchovy or even another shark that is bigger than yours! Well, have you decided to play Hungry Shark Evolution Android?