Recommended Hungry Shark World Pets

There are several things to consider when you choose a hungry shark world pets such as field clearing, multiplier, and stats bonus. By focusing on one aspect, you can play the game with ease. Here are three recommended pets for you to use in the hungry shark world

Phil as the best overall pet

Like a great white shark, Phil has a good nature to kill off things and consume a lot of prey. The requirement to use him is to unlock any XXL shark for a price of 800 gems. Phil is a great choice because he will offer you an X6 multiplier. Although not the highest, but his aggressive attitude helps you in the game. Compared to other pets, he eats the most. Phil can eat medium-sized sharks and blue jellyfish. He appeared with scars in head and belly and also has a bandage on his forehead.

Max as the best health booster

Max is a little version of the Megalodon, which is playable in the hungry shark world. You can unlock Max after you unlock the Megalodon. It will cost you 1500 gems to unlock it. After you unlock it, you can use it like other pets.

The bonus health of 20% is a great asset for a pet. Max is a great pet if you use him along with health-boosting accessories and sets such as the witch set, the tourist set, and the witch doctor set that has the biggest health bonus. Combined with those set, Max can give you 25% to 50% bonus health to help you survive longer in the game.

Trevor as the one and only mine clearing pet

Trevor has an appearance of a snapping turtle with small size. He can detonate all type of mines, be it big or small. When you use him as your pet, he will eat other creatures aggressively so he will go around quite often but not as crazy as Phil. When you reach an area full of mines, he won’t eat all of the mines instantly. Sometimes he will be wandering around to eat small fishes. You have to be patient when using him. But, as the one and only pet that can devastate mines, Trevor is a great help especially if you have to go through mine area.

The three mentioned pets above are worth unlocking. Phil is arguably the best pet in terms of scoring points. Max can help you survive longer with the health bonus and Trevor can detonate mines like no other. The three pets are recommended hungry shark world pets.