Review of The Hungry Shark World Map

We are sure you know that there are four main maps for the Hungry Shark World game, including the Pacific Islands, the Arabian Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and the South China Sea. In this game, you will be faced with 3 missions that may require several tasks to be completed on a particular map or any map. For example, Eating 5 Bird Jewels on the Pacific Island, or you eat 170 Humans on the Map is different.

From all available maps, you will face an increasingly fierce enemy when you win the easy level. Below is the hungry shark world map that you can play.

Pacific Islands

Usually, this is called a simple or basic map. There are so many humans stretching from end to end. On this map, you will find spawning whales in 3 places namely extreme left near the surface, bottom center, and near the right extreme. There are three different places where golden bottles will appear, namely in the pool, inside the volcano near the water surface, and the right vertical tunnel that is extreme. Here you have to fly from the top are three flocks of fish, then bottles, then anglers and rock breakers Here you need a higher level.

Arctic Ocean

There are so many humans and seals in the ice sheet from extreme left to right. You will find lots of Puffins on Puffin Rock and lots of penguins and some humans after Puffin Rock. Here available Military Helicopters along the way and drones near those who are enemies. On this map, if you will carefully find 2 deep sea submarines, one under the Military Base with so many mines and in Sunken Cruise Liner.

Sea Arabian Sea

This is one of the richest maps in the hungry shark world map and can end the game from starvation when Drying Great health occurs. The preference in the hungry shark world map is to stay close to the surface and only dive when needed. From one end of the road to the other, you can get enough people, there are also commercial and military drones and helicopters. Most of the hungry shark world map drones are found in 3 areas, namely the extreme left at the top near the building, to the right and right of the Oil Rig.

South China Sea

This is not an easy map to conquer in the hungry shark world map. In this map, you will need a lot of Mega Gold Rushes, Mega Gold Rushes, and HUNGRY letters to stay here. For prey, you will find lots of Giant Jelly Fish, Red Jelly Fish and annoying Electric Eels that you can eat.

From the 4 maps in hungry shark evolution, we conclude that all maps are challenges that you must face. Okay if you have a strong item, but each item is only useful for the same level if it’s higher than you will have difficulty winning. Fight to win, and achieve true victory!