Speed It Up: Hungry Shark World Thresher

If you enjoy playing adrenaline pumping games, you must try out hungry shark world threshers! Go experience how good it feels to be a shark, chewing up everything that bothers you. Established with a perfect combination of aquatic adventure and action, you might choose your fighters for over than 25 sharks!

Hungry Shark World Threshers

In order to finish every battle game, you need to pick the right choice of shark to accomplish the missions. Obtained from the Shark aquarium, Thresher is one of the best sharks built for speed. With a slender body, Thresher belongs to medium class group of sharks, in which it reaches 200 for the maximum speed. This type of shark only costs 14,000, which is pretty much cheap if compared to other types of sharks.  However, it can perform quite well, whereas it can eat everything that the sharks from medium class can, such as Dolphin, Squid Angler, Narwhal, Large Turtle, even quite troublesome sharks like Evil Thresher Shark, Evil Smooth Hammer Head and Evil Sand Shark. The capacity for maximum bite is 184. Not only that, you can also crush turbulence factors, i.e. rocks.

What makes hungry shark world threshers favorable is because it is able to multiply gold rush up to four times and owns one pet. Thus, it will be highly unlikely for you to die in a short time. In addition, you can earn much gold faster due to its advanced gold multiplier. Not only that, Thresher also has an impressive health, in which your energy will last for a long time, unlike any other sharks you might find out there. The longer you can play the game, the richer you get, and the more treasure you obtain from each stage of the game.

Beside the good specs, if you are looking for sharks with good appearance, Thresher can be quite fancy. Available in two colors, white and blue, Thresher also has a pair of big eyes and cute razor teeth, all sharp to chomp its preys easily. It is also aided with four gills and dorsal fin – a very tall one, to help them advancing when avoiding its enemies. If you have issues with jellyfish and mines, you can easily escape them with Thresher, for it is so sleek and fast. It also has a high boost, especially if compared to sand shark. However, the only problems hungry shark world a thresher has is that they have a difficult diet and low stats