Spice It Up: Hungry Shark World Smooth Hammerhead

If you have tried out Hungry Shark Evolution, you must love hungry shark world smooth hammerhead also! Designed to defeat a lot of scary enemies, you can start your journey underwater by finding all of the hidden treasures. Not only that, with upgraded game controls, there are some new features as well as differences, all are made to boost up the fun when you are playing. One thing you must have is: Smooth Hammerhead!

Hungry Shark World Smooth Hammerhead

Unlike the previous established game, Hungry Shark Evolution, Smooth Hammerhead appears here with advanced capabilities. Even though it has a very distinctive appearance, in which this type of shark has a purple skin, the skill it has is unquestionable. In addition, Smooth Hammerhead is very unique because it has a small amount of fins, all are designed in different sizes that it might look misfit.

Smooth Hammerhead belongs to the medium class shark. You can purchase it in the Shark Aquarium by paying some amount of money worth of 16,000. Maybe it is a little bit expensive if compared to Thresher, the king of escapism that can dodge any enemies within lightning speed. However, its good stats and better health makes up for the price.

For the specs, Smooth Hammerhead can chew up all kinds of fish, such as Dolphins and Narwhal as well as crabs, turtles and other sharks belonging to medium class. It also has an advantage, in which a Smooth Hammerhead will make your aquatic adventure smooth by breaking any walls made of rocks. It is preceded by Thresher, while the only one that is one step ahead of Smooth Hammerhead is Heidi

Even if it is has the smallest size out of any other hammer heads – it is only around 12 feet, once you buy hungry shark world smooth hammerhead, you will soon realize that this type of shark is an amazing all-rounder, the perfect killing machine when it comes to M-classed sharks. When it comes to health, the maximum health it can reach is 134. This makes Smooth Hammerhead one with the best health as well as stats out of his class, along with Wobbegong/Heide. However, the petite size makes it able to move freely and swiftly. In other words, it is crafty and nimble. When playing as Hungry Shark World Smooth Hammerhead, you can expand your territory by unlocking the new areas and grabbing all treasure boxes out there!