The Hungry Shark Evolution Map: The Basic and Treasure Map

Do you ever know and understand a hungry shark evolution map? Some of you may have known and some of you may have not. So, this article will inform and explain to you about this game’s maps. Well, what is a map? A map is one of this game’s important things because you will not be able to find or get anything if there is no nap at this game. Then, what maps are in this game? See the explanations below!

The Hungry Shark Evolution’s first map: Basic Map

The first map is a basic map. It is a feature which is purchasable. With this map, you can everything exactly the under the sea world. Because you know what under the sea, you will be easy to see everything that will block your way then you can get your other way safely. Besides that, this map provides the daily awards of yours and the cost is for about 2000 coins. You will not regret buying this map because it will really help you.

The next advantage that you get from this map is that all locations can be unlocked with it then the position of yours is easy to find. If you plan easy hunting of treasure, this basic map is one thing that you need to ease your hunting of treasure. Then, from the basic map, you are able to unlock all locations and you can easily find your position. If you want to make treasure hunting easy then you need to purchase the basic map.

The Hungry Shark Evolution’s second map: Treasure Map

This kind of map is perfectly expensive. It is not easy for you to purchase it. To get it, you must have gems as many as possible. This map will help you to get the treasure of sunken easily and the other adorable things. This map displays arctic land, crab liar and some great rewards in which you may collect and get them.

You may use other maps to collect a treasured event but you dislike and you are not satisfied. So, this map is the right choice for you have fun with your treasure event. But, you cannot directly get this map. You are required to purchase the basic map before purchasing this treasure map.

Those are the explanations of the hungry shark evolution map.