Things to Know about the Hungry Shark World King Jellyfish

What is the Hungry Shark World King Jellyfish? There are many creatures appeared in the game of Hungry Shark World whether they are friends or enemies. One of them is King Jellyfish. If the shark you play has a pet like Kraken or the atomic shark, the appearance of jellyfish is indeed beneficial as the foods for them. However, the king jellyfish is quite different. With the big size and creepy appearance, it is definitely your enemy to fight when you are in a certain location. Here are some facts you should know about this giant creature.

The Nature of King Jellyfish

Initially, the king jellyfish is just a common jellyfish to be eaten by the kraken. However, the genetic mutation has turned it into a deadly giant. Now, it remains pink just like how it was previously. But it also has hair that is believed to be formed from tentacles. The tentacles are functioned to attack the enemies including the shark you play. It may sting very painfully so that once the shark is attacked by it, the damage is quite severe.


A large group of jellyfish can be found in the area of the Southern China Sea if you see the map of Hungry Shark World. So, the king is also originally and exclusively from the same location as well. In the sea, you can also find a group of jellyfish kinds at once. Sure, when they are together, they tend to be more difficult to be defeated.

The Strengths of King Jellyfish

There are some trivia’s to show that the king jellyfish is indeed really strong. It is one of two sub-species of jellyfish that doesn’t appear in the evolution. Most of the jellyfishes turn into the red jellyfishes while the king is not. Meanwhile, it is also the most deadly jellyfishes in which it is able to kill the shark without biting or eating it. The tentacles are the key points for this.

How to Defeat the King Jellyfish

Compared to some other enemies, the king jellyfish is one that is quite difficult to defeat. Sure, but it doesn’t mean you cannot win over it. There are some ways you can do to kill it. The ultimate way is surely by biting it. Make sure to come from the direction in which the king cannot see the shark. Then, you can just bite it continuously. Gradually, the Hungry Shark World King Jellyfish will be killed and disappeared.