Things to know about the Wereshark in Hungry Shark Evolution

In the hungry shark evolution game, you will meet with The Wereshark. This is the Shark Top Lab Secret to open. This is part of a Halloween update added in October 2018. The Wereshark has a special, Hyper Speed ​​and Moon Rush.


To be able to see the Wereshark, you must arrive at the Top Secret Lab which will open with a high score of at least 350,000.

If the additional score requirement has been fulfilled which is to score 750,000 points, then it will only cost 180,000 coins or 900 gems for you to buy. This is a regular price for one of the latest Top-Secret Lab sharks that you can buy.

Ability and diet

The Wereshark is a powerful shark that always starts all games with a large enough size. You need to know this is growing fast, but growth is not saved. At night time in the match, the Wereshark grows hair and grows in size when eating prey. In the latest feature and Wereshark’s first mission, at night he turned into a very wild wolf.

Don’t worry or confused changing the shape of the shark to Moon Rush. In this game, form changes occur during the night, whether or not any points are obtained. This certainly will not affect prey and predators. Moon Rush from a wereshark is almost the same as a Gold Rush. But the difference is a dark transparent part overlay on the edge of the screen and fast-moving fish.

The shape of the Wereshark day

The Wereshark is almost the same as the Tiger Shark in the health bar and regular form, but the health bar is only slightly larger during the night for Moon Rush mode. And for the booster bar, in both forms, it is similar to the Great White Shark.

The Wereshark during the day cannot consume mines or very large enemy sharks. However, the advantage is that it can destroy vehicles and eat jellyfish. What to watch out for at night Wereshark can consume bombs, More horrified to be able to destroy certain walls while increasing, this is very similar to Leo.