Tips for Hungry Shark Evolution to Progress Faster

Hungry Shark Evolution is an arcade type game that you can play in your smartphone. This game requires you to do a lot of grinding to collect resource and wisely spend it to fill the progress in the game. The main resources on the game are gems and coins, so you should be able to spend them wisely. Managing your gem and coin usage is critical because you have to know when is the right time to get a new shark or when is the time to fully upgrade your strongest available shark. There are also the other tips for Hungry Shark Evolution.

Knowing the location of the map and make good use of gold rush is one of the tips for Hungry Shark Evolution. The gold rush is a condition where your shark will be glowing in a gold color, having an increase in all stats and your shark can eat a lot faster. During this state, your shark will have the score multiplied as you eat various prey available on the map. Your gold will be drastically increased when successfully eating preys or destroying obstacles. To fully utilize this state, you should be able to know the details of the map during your gameplay. Take notes about where is the best spot to get several groups of fishes, where is the big prey, and the place that you should avoid.

The other tips for Hungry Shark Evolution do the daily missions and log in daily. The daily missions will give you a steady amount of coins and gems, which are important for your game progress. Make sure that you log in to the game every day either you play several sessions or nothing at all. Log in daily will make you able to manage and predict how much coins and gems you will get in order to upgrade your shark or get a new one.