Tips to Collect Gems and Coins with Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats

Hello, game lovers! Welcome to this useful article which talks about hungry shark evolution! Now, you can collect free gems and gold with hungry shark evolution cheats. Let’s see the explanations below!

How to Collect Free Gems and Coins with Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats

By using this cheat, you will have the easy ways to collect free gems and coins. Below are the ways!

  1. The first, the Gold Rush should be activated
  2. To earn coins for 10%, you may use your Facebook and log in to it.
  3. You can take free coins by tapping on the icons of social media before playing the game.
  4. Or, you can search and watch an ad of video to get a double reward.

How to Get Free Trails Baby

In this cheat of Hungry Shark Evolution, you also can get a free shark. To get it, you should download a game of “trials frontier”. When you play it, you will see “Trails Baby”, then, tap on an option of  “play trials frontier”. After that, download it. So, the free shark is yours.

The Fast Cheat of Hungry Sharks Evolution

  1. You can dodge the crab’s pincer to defeat it.
  2. Tap on a screen to boost the shark’s speed of yours.
  3. You can play more the game to change your little shark be bigger by eating more sharks.
  4. In fast succession, eat creatures as many as possible to get a double point.
  5. Find 15 items which are hidden under the sea to get free points and coins.
  6. Spend out your money and eat some edibles to upgrade the shark of yours.
  7. Feed your shark to keep its energy.
  8. Get other free coins by unlocking missions and finding some shells.
  9. In the frenzy mode of quick-fire, you may dare the other players or your friends.

So, these are the tips to get free gems and coins by using Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats.