Unveiling the Facts of the Electro Shark in Hungry Shark Evolution

This article will provide you several interesting facts about the Hungry Shark Evolution Electro Shark. Well, it is true that playing the game is very fun since there are so many different sharks to unlock, and this one is one of them. However, it has several aspects which make it more unique to the sharks you have previously unlocked. Are you curious why it is unique? Read the article to unveil it!

What it is

When it comes to Hungry Shark Evolution, there is one certain thing that you would meet in the game: sharks. This game provides you with an abundant number of sharks that you are able to unlock. Aside from the real sharks which still exist or the sharks which already extinct, the game also has a little bit of twist to make it more interesting to play. The twist that you can find in Hungry Shark would be the availability of fictional sharks which are purely fantasy and never exist. One of the fictional sharks you can unlock would be the Hungry Shark Evolution Electro Shark- the first Top Secret Lab sharks you can unlock. Albeit a fantasy shark, it is actually designed based on the extinct Scapanorhynchus shark- a close relative of the rare modern-day goblin shark.

Unlocking the shark would take a bit of effort since you are required to unlock the Top Secret Lab section first. It would require you reach a high score of 350,000. Well, good luck!


The shark is a fantastic option you can play since it has a unique ability. As with other Top Secret Lab sharks, it is able to grow rapidly when it is played, but the growth will not be saved- you will have to start the game in a small size when using one of them. The other ability which is unique to the Hungry Shark Evolution Electro Shark is that you can electrocute nearby preys when boosting.