What to Know About Hungry Shark Evolution Mako Shark

Mako Sharks are reef sharks with great abilities. Max the depth of the hungry shark is 150 meters and can grow up to 5 meters. Shallow waters and dusk zones are the Mako Shark hunting area. Short fin Mako Shark is a partner in real life, the fastest of all sharks and can jump very high even higher than usual.

Mako sharks do have extraordinary swimming abilities, in general, they are able to swim against underwater currents to catch fast zipper prey. To trigger the Gold Rush, Mako Shark requires 5,000 points. But what is lacking is the mouth that seems smaller than other sharks. But it is useful to limit the consumption of many fish in one bite. In the game of hungry shark evolution, the Mako Shark is the second weakest standard shark in the game, he only defeats the Reef Sharks in terms of ability and strength.


To be able to use the Mako Shark, the price is 2,000 or 1,500 coins depending on the version or 25 gems to open it.


With a more expensive price than some types of hungry sharks in general, it is truly regrettable if you do not have extraordinary abilities. In this case, the worry will disappear, where the big and strong shark has special abilities that other sharks don’t have. Here are some of the abilities of Mako Sharks, including:

  • This is a very fast shark, where it can swim up to 46 miles per hour.
  • Mako sharks are very diverse and can be found throughout the world, with regard to facts in the real world, they are a great ocean nomads.
  • Generally, Mako Sharks are seen as weak sharks, but in the Hungry Shark World, it is stronger. On the other hand, mako sharks can break through the reef.