What to Know About Hungry Shark Evolution Moby Dick

As one of the new sharks in the game, Hungry Shark Evolution Moby Dick is also one of the strong sharks in the game introduced around the 4.5.0 update. The shape of the shark is similar to the sperm whale and you can buy Moby Dick for 900 gems or 400,000 coins. To unlock this shark, you should fully upgrade Alan the Destroyer of Worlds first.

What makes the Hungry Shark Evolution Moby Dick good is its high speed. It also receives the boost from the gold rush, so you can expect the shark to be a lot faster. Aside from that, the power of its bite and the overall health amount of Moby Dick are very large and it is capable to go through almost all of the obstacles in the game. You can boost for a long time using this shark and its gold rush multiplier can reach x120, so it is a perfect shark to get a good score in each gameplay. Because of its humongous size, Moby Dick can eat almost anything but toxic barrels and volcanic jets. Although it can’t eat the toxic barrels, Moby Dick is immune to it. Its specialty is being able to stun prey once you did a jump.

This Hungry Shark Evolution Moby Dick is a capable shark but its cost to upgrade and unlock is very expensive and you may spend a lot of time to unlock this shark. The biggest downside of Moby Dick is its boost and health that will drain quickly. But, the health drain problem can be anticipated by using Little Dickie as the companion. Its humongous size will make the screen zooming out, which means that you might miss several little details on the map. Although it grows slowly, the performance of Moby Dick is amazing and people love to use it as their late-game shark.