What you need to know about one of the Sharks in the Hungry Shark World: The Great Hammerhead

Now, this article is about one of the sharks in the Hungry Shark World, which is the Hungry Shark World Great Hammerhead shark. Some people said that this shark is one of the best of the XL shark, but is that true? Well, you can figure out whether it is true or not by reading this article to finish! Let’s check it out, shall we?


The great hammerhead shark is one of the sharks available to purchase in the game named Hungry Shark World, developed by Future Games of London and published by Ubisoft. Well, at first, the shark looks very menacing with the scars and its large size. But is it true that the shark is the best of the size?

We all know that the sharks in the game are classed according to their size. The classes are eXtra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), eXtra Large (XL), eXtra eXtra Large (XXL), and one top class called as the !! class. Great Hammerhead is put into the XL class.

Cost to purchase

Since it is the second XL shark in the game, it is more expensive than its predecessor, the Megamouth Shark. To purchase the Hungry Shark World Great Hammerhead, you need 65,000 credits in total. Not too expensive, right?

The strength and weakness it has

The strength of this shark lies on the fact that it is a jack of all trades, master of none. Well, this shark is practically good at anything, but it is unable to excel at anything as well. The health, although is considered large at 224, is still inferior to its predecessor (although it is better than its successor). Well, at least it is durable enough against deadly enemies like the anglerfish or the enemy sharks. It also has a good bite though, with the 330 for the score.

So, what about the weakness? Well, it has been told that it is a jack-of-all-trades, right? Well, that means that it does not have any specialty, and that is bad enough! But seriously, the shark is quite fast if compared to the Megamouth shark, but it is definitely outclassed by the Tiger shark (which is actually not quite a good shark, by the way). Its maximum boost, although is better than the predecessor has, is actually not that impressive compared to its successor. Well, those are the things you need to know about the Hungry Shark World Great Hammerhead!