What you need to know about one of the Sharks in the Hungry Shark World: The Megamouth

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This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Hungry Shark World Megamouth. If you love playing the game or just started to play, you will find this article useful. But if you only love underwater life, you can also enjoy this article since Megamouth is a real species of shark. Well, let’s start, shall we?

About the game

Before starting to talk about the shark, you understand what the game is, do you not? Well, if you do not, then, this game which is named as Hungry Shark World is a game created by Future Games of London and published by a well-known gaming company, which is Ubisoft. The game has more cartoonish graphics if it is compared to the previous games.

What Megamouth is

Obviously, when you read the game’s title, you will have the impression that the game will make us play as a shark, and that is true. There are so many sharks here and most of them are real-life species, including the shark we are going to talk about. Megamouth is one of the sharks available to play in the game and it is classed as an XL shark. In fact, Megamouth shark is the first XL shark that will be available for you to purchase. You need 60,000 points to purchase it.

The strength it has

There is a factor that made the Hungry Shark World Megamouth worth it to purchase and of course, to use. The factor that made Megamouth shark better than other XL sharks is that it has the largest hitpoint (HP) pool among them since the shark has 224 HP in total.  If you need tanky sharks, this one is the best XL shark!

The weakness it has

However, you understand that nothing is perfect in this world, and this one is no exception. Megamouth, unfortunately, is plagued by three deficiencies. The first would be its maximum boost and it is not too impressive since it only has 211 of the boost in total. The maximum bite, which is 330, is also not too great, although it is still quite an improvement from the previous shark. The next one would be its size since it is quite deceiving for new players. Most players would conclude that this shark is the answer to defeat the enemy Great White Shark because it simply is larger. Then, they would learn that using the Hungry Shark World Megamouth for fighting a Great White Shark is a mistake.

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