Winning Tricks in The Giant Crab Hungry Shark Evolution

Are you a fan of hungry shark evolution? If so, then you will meet with giant crab enemies. Giant Crab is a large crab that can be found inside the Lair Crab in hungry shark world, and in unknown areas in Hungry Sharks. Part 2. He is one of the strongest enemies bigger than most sharks. There are four giant crab types:

  • Red Giant Crab (the weakest)
  • Yellow Or Green Giant Crab (medium)
  • Blue Giant Crab (medium)
  • This Black Giant Crab is the biggest, can be fought in an unlimited amount even though only appear once for each game session.

How to find a giant crab nest?

The Giant crab is located near the furthest point of your map to the left. If you really want to see it, then it is marked with a bright orange symbol on your map. The entrance to the giant crab is a dangerous area because underwater volcanoes can scorch your sharks easily. But you don’t worry because there are a number of Blob Fish at the entrance to the crab nest, they will help increase health in large quantities if you are attacked.

Beat the giant crab

The Giant crab can’t be eaten like any other creature in Hungry Shark world, even by the biggest shark that can be played like Moby Dick that you might already have. The Giant crab swipes your shark with the clamp. You must avoid the clamp from it while remaining within reach of the crab and trying to attack. If friction has occurred three times, then the crab will become tired and will reveal a “Weak Point” that is vulnerable if attacked. When charging the Weak Point with impulse it will give great damage to the crab.

The damage depends on which shark you play. If you are too long and less attacking than he will recover and once again hide his weak points and rise to return to the attack. Repeat what you did earlier until the crab is in pain, where The Giant crab will scream in pain and allow you to launch your final attack on his back to lose.

You need to know that when The Giant Crab screamed in pain, he would no longer do anything. In conditions like this you can really leave the Giant Crab Place and do something else then come back again and the Giant Crab will remain in the same condition until you decide to take the final strike of the Giant Crab. Here you can wait until the gold rush, then you can attack to get more points from the multiplier.

The Giant crab is one of the strongest enemies in hungry shark evolution, you are a true winner if you succeed in defeating it. There are many items that you can certainly use against him, so take advantage of all that. We will be very proud if you succeed in killing the character with this claw.